The life-force that compels me originates from a raging flame nested deep within my heart, and this inferno gives birth to all ideas. I wouldn’t say that they are my ideas, as that would imply that I generated them and this couldn’t be further from the truth. These ideas are born within me as if transposed by another entity or force unknown to me, and then they possess me. The idea sits at the helm of my consciousness, gripping the reins with such intensity, controlling my movements; the idea must be free, it is planning an escape. Against my will, I rise out of bed flicking the light on the way to my computer where I am once again thrown into a familiar throne. My hands dance across the keyboard, my mind blank. No analysis is exerted on these ideas, it acts on pure bodily felt emotion recognised by the idea at the helm; my pre-frontal cortex has lost jurisdiction.

My fingers halt, and I look up and observe the words that the idea possessing me has woven…my master delights.

My eyes open, the idea performs a self-exorcism, and now, I am free.

Within us exists an eternal ember, and to give rise to creativity you must feed the fire and fan the flames.

Feel it deep in your bones, do not criticise. Creativity exists as something new and by definition, new things have no matrix in which to judge and compare it. Creativity is not right or wrong, it just is.

Feel your creative ember burn inside you, you can turn it into an inferno.

Why slavery is not only humane but good for the economy.

“Sold” shouts the auctioneer.

As I look my Wife in the eyes, tears running down her face. I’m being taken away, unlikely to see her again. Who am I? I am a commodity, an item, an object.

I was born into slavery, just like my father and his father before him; slavery is all I know.


Let’s take a trip back to America in the early 1800s. Your family is against slavery as they believe this to be inhumane and wrong, however, your family purchases cotton from your neighbour who owns slaves. These slaves are made to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week; they have no freedom. They were born into slavery, as were their parents and their parents before them; all they know and ever will know is slavery. How do you feel about this? Is this wrong? Why?


Perhaps you remember the Soviet Gulags? The forced labour camps that ruled with an iron fist in the 20th century. Humans imprisoned by a Communist state, forced to work 14 hours days of hard labour in the inhospitable regions of the Soviet Union. Their lives of no value to the communist state, often dying and replaced by another. Is this wrong? Why?


Is slavery so wrong? We possess such power over these inferior beings, why shouldn’t we be allowed to exploit them? We are superior. They are cannon fodder, objects, commodities to be traded. If power dictates whether we should do something, then it is logical to think that we can dominate the weak with an iron fist! By leveraging slavery, we can increase our economic productivity and make our lives more convenient. These benefits greatly improve the lives of our species, and something with such a great benefit to society surely cannot be wrong, right? Do you think this ideology is immoral, unethical and wrong? Why? If you answered yes to this question, then I’d like to take you on a journey through your own hypocrisy.

Do you eat the flesh of an animal? Cow? Chicken? Turkey? Sheep? Lamb? Duck? Do you drink milk, eat cheese, milk chocolate or drink Whey protein? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are complicit and actively participating in the systematic enslavement and slaughter of entire species. The Animal enslavement industry (also referred to as ‘Animal Agriculture’) exists only to meet a demand for animal products. This systematic enslavement and slaughter of innocent and unconsenting sentient beings arose out of necessity for sustaining populations in the past. Civilisations required agriculture to survive and some communities still require it today. However, in 21st century Australia claiming necessity could not be further from the truth. We live in a society that does not require animal products to survive, and there is plenty of academia to support the nutritional adequacy of a vegan diet. Research about a vegan diet on your University academia database.

Why is it wrong?

If you answered yes to the question of whether slavery in America or the Soviet Gulags is wrong, then by extension you must agree that all slavery is wrong!

“It’s different when it’s slavery of non-human lives” the carnist cries with bloody conviction.

Tell me, specifically what part of it makes it different? Is it the fact that they possess less power than us? If power is the determining factor then by reason of logic it must be okay to exploit when a power difference exists, no? Perhaps it is acceptable for Men to push themselves onto unwilling Women as asymmetrical power exists? After all, Men are more powerful surely, they can force their will onto the less powerful, no? If you agree that domination based purely on the ability to is wrong, then by extension Men dominating Women because they possess greater power, and Humans enslaving animals based on purely possessing greater power is also wrong!

So, what does this all mean?

Growing up, we were raised on the idea that eating animals and eating things from them is acceptable, normal and ethical, and to question this idea creates defensiveness (from the cognitive dissonance) within us. It is important to delve into the truths of what you are actively participating in economically when you purchase meat, dairy and any animal products. If you can agree that slavery is wrong, immoral and unethical, then by extension of logic you must also agree that the Animal Enslavement industry (Factory Farming/Animal Agriculture) is also wrong, immoral and unethical.

My eyes are now open, what can I do now?

To systematically destroy the Animal Enslavement industry, we must fight back with our voice and our wallet. Stop purchasing any animal products. This means that you will have to read the ingredients of every food item that you purchase. This may sound like a drag; however, your body will love you for it, but that’s another article for another day.

The most freeing experience for an Animal in a factory farm is the moment their throat is slit for our own selfish desires. Thick flowing freedom pumps out through the horizontal death sentence in their throat and spills out onto our conscience, staining so dark we will never wash the blood from our hands.

Embrace failure.

The boy raises his hand in response to the teacher’s question. The boy answers. Swiftly, the teacher responds “incorrect!”. Silence befalls the room. His peers snigger.

Children…(Dunning–Kruger effect).


Why do you flee from incorrectness, as if it were fire? What properties does incorrectness possess that are undesirable or harmful?

Perhaps…”It is embarrassing to be wrong in the presence of peers, or those respected”.

This is a common objection to the willingness to experience failure in the eyes of those respected, or equal to. Failing to answer a question correctly during academia is assumed to attract contempt.

Those to think contemptuously of a person who tries and fails, possess a fixed mindset. Those who embody a fixed mindset believe that intelligence is fixed…it cannot be changed. This is false.

Were you born fluent in your native tongue? Were you always able to run, jump, and climb? Were you always this competent, able and analytical? Any persons answering yes to this question are not telling the truth.

Failure, to be wrong, begets improvement. Improvement begets a better life. A better life is something to strive towards. If you live a better life, you contribute more to your world.

To be better, IS TO FAIL. To fail IS TO IMPROVE. To improve IS TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE. To live a better life IS TO IMPROVE THE WORLD.

The children who think contemptuously of the boy who failed…self-righteous in their perspective. Those who possess a fixed mindset do not grow because they cannot be wrong.

To not grow is embarrassing. To refuse to strive towards a better life is wrong.

Embrace failure.


My eyes aren’t focusing like they used to. My thoughts are erratic. I’m locked into internal moral battle. These words are too difficult to articulate.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Plato

The overexamined life is analytical hell. It’s a miracle the whole world aren’t drug addicts, or searching for a bullet for their skull.

Life is suffering, how do you cope?