Goals = Awareness.

Each day begins with a blank page in our partially filled book, and the direction of our story is dictated by each passing moment. The things on which our awareness rests create a subconscious filter within our brain, sorting through all relevant and non-relevant stimuli. For example, if we value kindness and strength, we are more likely to observe these traits in others. If we value money, career success and accumulating material wealth then we are more likely to find opportunities to strive toward these things in each moment of our life. Moreover, if we do not value ethics and compassion whilst simultaneously valuing wealth and excess, we are more likely to observe opportunities to pursue these ends through unvirtuous means.

The stimuli that you consciously feed your brain and the stimuli that are fed to your brain without your consent colour every moment of your existence. You are what you eat, so eat well. Choose carefully what you expose yourself to as these things subconsciously dictate the words that are etched onto each page in the book of your life.

Take back your neurology and program yourself wisely.

Cognitive misdirection.

My world is a war zone and my senses have committed an act of treason. Engaged in an operation, they have coloured my perception with cognitive misdirection. How can I orient myself in the world properly when external stimuli can no longer be trusted? Imagine if when a particular event occurred you believed for certain that you knew the meaning of it, only to later reveal your error in perception. Now multiply this scenario by 365 and you have an accurate representation of my mind. A focus on detail; all senses stuck on magnify, seeing only the letters and failing to observe the sentence.

Context matters.

Now what to do about this? I’ll let you know when I find out…

Why slavery is not only humane but good for the economy.

“Sold” shouts the auctioneer.

As I look my Wife in the eyes, tears running down her face. I’m being taken away, unlikely to see her again. Who am I? I am a commodity, an item, an object.

I was born into slavery, just like my father and his father before him; slavery is all I know.


Let’s take a trip back to America in the early 1800s. Your family is against slavery as they believe this to be inhumane and wrong, however, your family purchases cotton from your neighbour who owns slaves. These slaves are made to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week; they have no freedom. They were born into slavery, as were their parents and their parents before them; all they know and ever will know is slavery. How do you feel about this? Is this wrong? Why?


Perhaps you remember the Soviet Gulags? The forced labour camps that ruled with an iron fist in the 20th century. Humans imprisoned by a Communist state, forced to work 14 hours days of hard labour in the inhospitable regions of the Soviet Union. Their lives of no value to the communist state, often dying and replaced by another. Is this wrong? Why?


Is slavery so wrong? We possess such power over these inferior beings, why shouldn’t we be allowed to exploit them? We are superior. They are cannon fodder, objects, commodities to be traded. If power dictates whether we should do something, then it is logical to think that we can dominate the weak with an iron fist! By leveraging slavery, we can increase our economic productivity and make our lives more convenient. These benefits greatly improve the lives of our species, and something with such a great benefit to society surely cannot be wrong, right? Do you think this ideology is immoral, unethical and wrong? Why? If you answered yes to this question, then I’d like to take you on a journey through your own hypocrisy.

Do you eat the flesh of an animal? Cow? Chicken? Turkey? Sheep? Lamb? Duck? Do you drink milk, eat cheese, milk chocolate or drink Whey protein? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are complicit and actively participating in the systematic enslavement and slaughter of entire species. The Animal enslavement industry (also referred to as ‘Animal Agriculture’) exists only to meet a demand for animal products. This systematic enslavement and slaughter of innocent and unconsenting sentient beings arose out of necessity for sustaining populations in the past. Civilisations required agriculture to survive and some communities still require it today. However, in 21st century Australia claiming necessity could not be further from the truth. We live in a society that does not require animal products to survive, and there is plenty of academia to support the nutritional adequacy of a vegan diet. Research about a vegan diet on your University academia database.

Why is it wrong?

If you answered yes to the question of whether slavery in America or the Soviet Gulags is wrong, then by extension you must agree that all slavery is wrong!

“It’s different when it’s slavery of non-human lives” the carnist cries with bloody conviction.

Tell me, specifically what part of it makes it different? Is it the fact that they possess less power than us? If power is the determining factor then by reason of logic it must be okay to exploit when a power difference exists, no? Perhaps it is acceptable for Men to push themselves onto unwilling Women as asymmetrical power exists? After all, Men are more powerful surely, they can force their will onto the less powerful, no? If you agree that domination based purely on the ability to is wrong, then by extension Men dominating Women because they possess greater power, and Humans enslaving animals based on purely possessing greater power is also wrong!

So, what does this all mean?

Growing up, we were raised on the idea that eating animals and eating things from them is acceptable, normal and ethical, and to question this idea creates defensiveness (from the cognitive dissonance) within us. It is important to delve into the truths of what you are actively participating in economically when you purchase meat, dairy and any animal products. If you can agree that slavery is wrong, immoral and unethical, then by extension of logic you must also agree that the Animal Enslavement industry (Factory Farming/Animal Agriculture) is also wrong, immoral and unethical.

My eyes are now open, what can I do now?

To systematically destroy the Animal Enslavement industry, we must fight back with our voice and our wallet. Stop purchasing any animal products. This means that you will have to read the ingredients of every food item that you purchase. This may sound like a drag; however, your body will love you for it, but that’s another article for another day.

The most freeing experience for an Animal in a factory farm is the moment their throat is slit for our own selfish desires. Thick flowing freedom pumps out through the horizontal death sentence in their throat and spills out onto our conscience, staining so dark we will never wash the blood from our hands.

The Ice Man.

This is a story of a man who lived in a town,

Bob walked all around expressing a frown,

Angry and stressed from the wounds he possessed,

Emotion and pain locked so far away,

Such a great weight he carries inside,

Nobody around him knows what he hides,

Frustration and anger is all that he feels,

Taking it out on those he held dear,

A moment of kindness gifted by a stranger,

A stranger, momentarily staving his anger,

The ice on his heart doth began to melt,

Evaporating the pain kept frozen for so long,

All along all he needed was a simple gesture,

A gesture which carried more weight than anyone could measure.

Brain confusion.

I feel sad knowing you’re just out of reach,

I wonder about all the things that to me you could teach,

Givin’ me that feeling up in my tummy,

Your smile makes me feel something funny,

You’re so awesome and I want you around,

Your sweet lips radiate such a positive sound,

A feeling washes over me, a one so profound,

And I found it in you and I can’t have you around,

For I did this to myself and what did I expect,

To feel for a girl with a different emotional dialect,

On the same page is not what we are,

God damn, I don’t want to remove myself so far.

A whole + one

Born one whole and to never have lost a piece,

One whole remains one whole and I’m talking of course about me,

Now if I add another whole into space right next to me,

I would remain one whole regardless of any additional numerating,

Rather improper would that relationship be,

Two wholes separated by the line in between you and me.

The days of our life.

Each day is a battle uphill against unrelenting struggle to promised land,

Sometimes we even wish that someone may lend a hand,

Some days we are gripped with pure ecstasy,

And other days I feel nothing left in me,

Such is the ebb and flow of the tidal waves of life,

Each day is an unrelenting struggle uphill which fulfils us to the brim,

Some days we slip down our slope only to begin struggling uphill once again.